UG01 – Optical Oxygen Analyzer

Optical Oxygen Analyzer


The oxygen analyzer UG01 is a brand new innovative in line optical sensor capable to measure accurately the O2 in all applications of the beer and beverage world. The analysis is very fast and it is made for helping the operators to control the process in real time. The analyzer is based on the Maselli developed optical fluorescence quenching.
The new construction of the UG01 reduces to the minimum level the need of periodic calibration while the overall maintenance is anyway very easy due to the modular construction of the critical elements. The UG01 can be installed in combination with the UC09 carbonation analyzer through one only standard Varivent fitting.The two sensors can be handled by a single MP01 control panel.


    Oxygen Measurement
    Low Range
    Measurements Limits: 0.0…2,000 ppb
    Accuracy: +/- 1 ppb
    Measurement scale: ppb, ppm, %
    High Range
    Measurements Limits: 4 ppb…25 ppm
    Accuracy: +/- 7 ppb
    Measurement scale: ppb, ppm, %
    CO2 Measurement (option)
    Measurements Limits: 0…6 v/v (0…12 g/l)
    Accuracy: +/- 0.025 v/v (+/- 0.05g/l)


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