UR24 – In-line process refractometer



The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line or in a tank. The analyzer provides a continuous measurement of concentration that can display the result in Brix, nD, or % concentration with high accuracy. The UR 24 also features a user programmable scale for specific applications. The analyzer provides an output signal that can be used for process control. The output signals can be configured as analog or digital. After initial installation and configuration no further measurement adjustments are required. The sensor measurement utilizes optical technology, so it is maintenance free. The sensor is incased in a stainless-steel structure and is IP67 rated. This robust construction allows the sensor to be mounted in any industrial environment utilizing a variety of Maselli mounting options.

    Application:Measurement of liquid concentration in process lines in Food, Chemicals, Textiles, Petrochemical industries, etc. in continuous or batch plants.
    Measurements limits:Prism in Sapphire: 1.3170…1.5318 nD (0…95 Brix)
    Prism in Balf: 13305…1.4907 nD (0…80 Brix)
    Prism in Sapphire HR: 1.3812…1.5687 nD (30…100 Brix)
    Prism in Crown: 1.3170…1.4201 nD (0…50 Brix)
    Prism in N-BK10: 1.3170…1.3725 nD (0…25 Brix)
    Prism in Sapphire LR: 1.3170…1.4030 nD (0…40 Brix)
    Accuracy:With reference to standard sucrose solutions:
    Standard Accuracy version:
    0.5% of Scale Range; maximum accuracy ±0.0002 nD (±0.15 Brix).
    High Accuracy version (HA):
    0.3% of Scale Range; maximum accuracy ±0.00007 nD (±0.05 Brix)
    Super Accuracy version (SA):
    0.1% of Scale Range; accuracy ±0.00003 nD (±0.02 Brix) valid for maximum product and/or ambient temperature variations of ±10 °C (±18 °F)
    Measurement scales:“BRIX” or “USER”; the “BRIX” scale refers to the nD/Bx ICUMSA (1974) conversion tables; the “USER” scale can be configured at the time of the order
    Response time:1.8 seconds
    Product temperature during measuring:-5 °C…+105 °C with automatic compensation of temperature measured by Pt100. Special version for temperatures up to 140 °C
    Maximum temperature during sanitization:125 °C (257 °F) x 30 min or 145 °C (293 °F) x 30 min for the “LP” version
    Response time to variations in temperature:2’/10 °C (18 °F).
    Relative Line Pressure:
    max. 10 bar (145 psi) at 20 °C (68 °F)
    max. 8 bar (116 psi) at 100 °C (212 °F)
    Special configuration for pressures till 25 bar (362 psi) at 100 °C (212 °F)


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