LP20 – Laboratory and At Line

CO2 / O2


Thanks to its portability features, the LP20 can be used either in the laboratory or at line for measuring CO2 and Oxygen of any beer and wine. For measuring the CO2 the equipment uses the ATR infrared. For measuring the dissolved oxygen, it uses an optical sensor. When used in the laboratory, the LP20 can be easily connected to the Maselli Automatic Sampler SL01 for handling all types of containers (can, bottle, PET, etc.). When used at line the LP20 has its own rechargeable batteries and it can be plugged into tanks or piping directly. The analyzer is very stable. Once configured at the start up, the unit can be left untouched as it does not drift over time. Besides thanks to the optical technology, no moving parts involved, the analyzer does not require any maintenance.


    Application Measurements of quality control samples in the laboratory and at line in the beer and industries.
    CO2 Measurement IR
    Measurements Limits: 0…6 v/v (0…12 g/l)
    Repeatability: 0.05 v/v (0.1 g/l)
    Measurement scale: “v/v” or “g/l”
    Oxygen Measurement
    Measurements Limits: 0…2000 ppb
    Accuracy: 3%, max 2ppb
    Measurement scale: ppb


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