LC01 – Spectrophotometer

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The Maselli LC01 Colorimeter + Spectrophotometer is a laboratory instrument developed to measure the color indices a, b, a/b and L, as well as the Lycopene content in tomato products. It has been designed to be accurate, robust and simple to use: the stainless steel enclosures and waterproof display permit the LC01 to also be used in the processing area The LC01 is able to quickly measure the sample as it is introducing a new innovative method to measure directly the lycopene content of the tomatoes during each stage of the processing. An intuitive software and touch-screen display simplify the interface for all the operations related to graphics, data storage, transfer and printing features. While the equipment does not need frequent calibration, it can be checked using the classic tomato standard BCR red ceramic tile, while using its PVC sample holder with optical glass window for the measurements.


    Application: Measurement of colour and concentration of tomatoes
    Absorbance display: Three default transformation functions are introduced:
    Other carotenoids
    Lycopene measurement limits: 0…80 mg/100 g
    (When the product is diluted with distilled water, the upper limit increases by the dilution ratio).
    Accuracy: Reading 5% better
    Accuracy maximum: 0.5 mg/100 g
    Repeatability: ±0.25 mg/100 g better
    Notes: The “Other carotenoids” and “Chlorophyll” variables must be considered as indices always expressed in mg/100 g.
    Colour display: Coordinates introduced: L,a,b
    Variables introduced: a / b = a/b
    TPS = -81.582 + 1.069 * a + 15.39 * b – 0.591 * b^2
    TJS = 25.963+ 0.989*a – 1.787 *b
    TSS = -153.1 + 1.187*a + 22.332*b – 0.864 * b^2
    TCS = -80.888 + 8.355 * a – 0.144 * a^2 – 1.194 * b
    Among the variables set, display of a/b


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