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CC07 – Sampler

Grapes sampler from trucks
sampler wine analyzer


When receiving grapes loads in the winery, it is very important to be able to properly evaluate the quality of the raw fruit in order to both give the correct pricing to the farmer and to address the truck to the appropriate production line. The Maselli CC07 is the most sophisticated truck sampler available in the market because it is able to deeply enter in the truck reaching even the grapes placed in the very bottom: the grapes which are selected are therefore grinded with high efficiency. Using the sampler joystick, the operator may handle the probe in order to easily and quickly get several samples from the same truck. The result of the CC07 effort is to deliver a very representative sample of each grapes load already reduced to liquid must to the Maselli SA, LA analysis stations to which the sampler can be automatically connected by means of a dedicated must transferring unit. The CC07 sampler has been designed for an easy installation: the robust construction allows to reduce to the minimum the maintenance costs.



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