LA02 – Grapes Analyzer

Bx / pH of the incoming grapes


The LA02 refractometer measures the sugar content and the pH (optional) of a sample of grape must at the time of delivery to the wine processing plant. The unit automatically controls the analysis cycle (sampling, measuring and washing) and displays the results in the selected scale: as far as concerns the washing, the measurement takes place in a basin where the prism is automatically washed after each cycle with a dedicated wiper. In order to handle the measurement data, the LA02 can be connected to an external printer and/or to the processing plant’s management system. The sample to be measured may be delivered to the LA02 both manually and automatically: in the automatic configuration, the analyzer is connected to the Maselli CC05 truck sampling probe by means of the must transfer unit. Even in the full configuration, all the cycle may be handled by only one operator using the joystick control panel. The farmers may see the results of the analysis in a dedicated remote display.


    Application: The Analysis System is designed to measure the sugar content and pH value of grape must on delivery to the winery. It is essentially made up of:
    A UR-30 model Refractometer Unit, analysis cell, electro-pneumatic interconnection box, base unit with microprocessor controller for equipment management and external interfacing, printer unit for printing off multi-dimensional data tickets, remote control panel.
    Measurement scales/limits: 0…30° % mass (Brix) alternative 0…18.3° % vol. conventionally calculated based on 16.83 g/l per 1 % in alcohol volume
    Accuracy: 0.1° % mass, the maximum tolerated error is applied to indications which are not rounded up
    Measurement scales/limits: For instruments marketed in countries where type analysis is not envisaged:
    1.3403…1.3902 nD
    Automatic conversion of the indication into the measurement scales listed below, with limits corresponding to:
    35 degrees Brix 30.2 degrees Babo
    22 degrees ALCOHOL / % vol. on base of 17 and/or 17.5 g/l per 1 % volume of alcohol
    153 degrees Oechsle 32 kg/q
    Notes: The comparison in the various measurement scales refers to the nD/Bx ICUMSA conversion tables (1974)
    0.3% of the range
    Maximum accuracy: >±0.1% mass or equivalent for corresponding scales
    pH measurement Measurement limits:
    2…14 pH
    ±0.05 pH units
    Product temperature: 5… 40°C (41 … 104°F) with automatic compensation of the temperature measured by the internal PT1000 Temperature Probe in AISI 316 stainless steel
    Sample quantity required:
    (without Transfer Unit)
    >350 cc in dynamic sampling
    Sample quantity required transferred:
    1500cc/analysis cycle (only in the version with Must Transfer Unit)
    Transfer Unit bowl capacity:
    5 liters: minimum quantity 2 liters per cycle (only in the version with must transfer unit)
    Quantity of sample analyzed: ~700 cc/measurement cycle
    Positioning: The instrument must be protected from sunlight


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