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OV01 – Sampler

Grapes sampler from bins


The Maselli turbine grape sampling system has been designed to produce must by picking up grapes from bins and crates where a traditional sampling probe cannot be used. The unit is trolley-mounted, easy to move and fitted with a light, portable extension probe which, thanks to a series of openings around the blades, make it possible to cut the grape berry skins and extract the released juice by suction: all sampling stages are PLC-controlled. The must can be transferred automatically by connecting the OV01 to the Maselli LA02 or SA00 analysis systems. Alternatively the must sample can be transferred into a container placed in the sampler. The must drained from the machine can be recovered and used in the wine making process as it is not in any way contaminated by foreign substances. The sampler is fitted with wheels and is extremely compact. Made of stainless steel, the high quality construction guarantees optimum performance and long term reliability of the instrument.



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