SA series – Grapes Analyzer

Bx / ph / T.A. / color / sanity of the incoming grapes
sample Grapes Analyzer


The SA is a sophisticated analyzer able to measure different parameters of a sample of grape must at the time of delivery to the wine processing plant. The standard configuration of the unit is Bx only but, as an option, it is possible to add pH, Total Acidity, color and grapes sanity measurements. The design of the system is modular: you may start with one parameter and add the other ones at your convenience. The analysis cycle (sampling, measuring and washing) is fully automatic and after measurement, the SA displays the results in the selected scale: it can be connected to an external printer and/or to the processing plant’s management system. The sample to be measured may be delivered to the SA both manually and automatically: in the automatic configuration, the analyzer is connected to the Maselli CC05 truck sampling probe by means of the must transfer unit. Even in the full configuration, all the cycle may be handled by only one operator using the joystick control panel. The farmers may see the results of the analysis in a dedicated remote display.


    Application: Measure and analysis, in cycles with automatic loading, of a sample of grape must at the time of reception of grapes
    Limits/measurement scale: 0…18% vol. calculated conventionally on the basis of 16.83 g/l per 1% in volume of alcohol
    Accuracy: ±0.1% vol. maximum tolerated error is applied to indications which are not rounded off
    Concentration measurement: For instruments marketed in countries where type analysis is not envisaged
    Limits/measurement scales: 1.3403…1.3902 nD
    Automatic conversion of reading in the following measurement scales, with limits corresponding to
    5…35 degrees BRIX 4…30 degrees BABO
    0…22 degrees ALCOLE 3…20 degrees BAUME’
    3…32 kg/q 20…153 degrees OECHSLE
    Readings in the various scales are referred to the nD/xx ICUMSA (1974) conversion tables
    Accuracy: 0.3% of Scale Range.
    Maximum accuracy >±0.1 Brix or equivalent for corresponding scales.
    PQ/Tonality measurement Measurement limits:
    PQ: 90…250 unità PQ
    Tonality: 0…2.5
    PQ: 1 PQ unit
    Tonality: ±0.03
    Notes: The measurement is to be considered that on a turbid product (i.e. must)
    pH measurement Measurement limits:
    2…14 pH
    ±0.05 pH unit
    Total acidity analysis Measurement scale span:
    0…30 g/l of tartaric acid
    0.10 g/l of tartaric acid
    Product temperature: 5…40 °C with automatic compensation of the temperature measured with Temperature Sensor Pt1000 in INOX 304, Class “A” in accordance with IEC751
    Quantity of analyzed sample: 500 cc for concentration measurement, 50 cc for analysis of pH and Total Acidity. In the version SA01/13, total quantity = ~630 cc
    Quantity of sample transferred: ~1500 cc/analysis cycle
    Capacity of transfer tank: ~5 litres; minimum 2 litres per cycle
    Cycle duration: Variable in accordance with time required for collection from trailer by the operator and programmed print parameters. Minimum 70 s, mean 90 s.
    Consumables: NaOH 2% Consumption ~5 ml/Analysis; pH4 and pH7 calibration solutions, Consumption ~25 cc. each/24 h


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