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MT01 – Maturity Trend

Grapes color during maturation
spectrophotometer laboratory analyzers


The determination of the phenolic maturity trend is an essential element in order to manage and determine the correct winemaking technique, considering the importance that the phenolic components such as colour, astringency, body and flavour have on the wine’s final characteristics. The MT00 unit can measure the same phenolic values usually calculated in the laboratory with chemical procedures, having the advantage of a very simple method, very fast analysis, and without the use of any reagents. The MT00 is a diffuse reflectance spectrophotometer that uses led sources of specific wavelengths further refined by interference filters. The unit sees the optical density at these wavelengths and the data is proportional to the concentration of the component at that wavelength. The use of diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry has the advantage of analysing unfiltered samples without the need for treatment with highly pollutant chemical reagents. The measurement method requires the mixing of a volume of around 200 de-stemmed berries. The instrument is supplied together with a mixer and a timer for correct regulation of the mixing times. The result of the analysis is displayed and recorded in the instrument’s database, enabling the creation of new maturation curves of different plots, the graphical comparison among plots in different years and new statistical calculations.



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