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BL01 – Grapes Analyzer

Bx of the grapes must after the crusher


The BL-01 system for evaluating must (crushed grapes) on delivery, directly measures the characteristic parameters on the transferring line between the grape crusher and the fermenter. The application of this system is appropriate when crushing is performed batch by batch. The system can handle up to 4 analyers installed in 4 different lines. The parameter detected by the BL-01 is the degrees Brix value while as an option the system can be completed with a pH measurement. In the standard configuration, the measurement is made using a UR-24 refractometer installed on the main piping (diameter 80 or 100 DIN) downline from the crusher, which then transmits the measured values to a control console (PC) connected via a RS485/USB converter. The control console receives the data sent by the in line refractometers (up to 4) and then processes and stores it in a special database and transmits it to the Central Computer. – The control console is usually installed on a platform or box on which a trained operator works, managing all the operations of all the crushers in the winery.



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